Friday, April 24, 2015

Ireland's Toughest Golf Holes - The Front Nine

In the current edition of Irish Golfer Magazine, there's an article on Ireland's 'Green Monster'... 18 holes that, if put together, would create the toughest course on the island and, perhaps, much further afield.

Here's the front nine in photographs, but if you want to get the list and descriptions of the full 18, pick up a free copy of the magazine at your golf club, or check out the online version (page 81). There's plenty of other stuff in the magazine (which will be blogged about in due course), so go get that copy.

1. Portsalon 2nd hole

2. Mount Wolseley 3rd hole

3. Mount Juliet 4th hole

4. Rosapenna (Sandy Hills) 6th hole

5. Malone 7th hole

6. K Club (Palmer) 7th hole

7. The European 7th hole

8. Castlerock 8th hole

9. Royal County Down 9th hole

How many have you played? (How did you score?)

The back nine will be published shortly.


  1. is that the k club palmer or smurfit?

    1. Thanks for pointing that out - blog updated to read 'Palmer'.