Monday, September 22, 2014

One For The Ladies

Well, now I'm a pervert, it seems.

I have been taking photographs of various golf courses around the country in recent months... and I was reported to the General Manager of one club by a lady golfer who decided that I was sneaking some photos of her. I mean her swing was good... but not that good!

I was standing in full sight, behind a green, with a camera on a tripod. I was focusing down the fairway as two golfers approached. The light was good... and getting better... and I was setting up to take the shot. I barely noticed that the two golfers were women. I waited for them to finish out the hole - I didn't want them in the shot - and as they left the green I returned to the camera to compose the shot.

By the next morning I'm a pervert!


I guess the obvious question has to be: why would someone looking to take covert photographs of a woman choose to stand around a green at a golf club, where the majority of golfers are male and where that same someone is standing out in the open. I wasn't in a bush or up a tree. I wasn't even wearing a mack.

But on a more serious note, it does complicate things for photographers who go to the beach to take shots, or who are out taking photos at a school function. Where you point your camera is becoming a risky sport in itself.

And then there's this - straight from Texas - where it has been ruled by a court that it is NOT illegal to stick your phone between a woman's legs to snap the infamous 'upskirt' shot. To make it illegal would, apparently, be against the Constitution as it's to do with that wonderful thing called "free speech". And no, I'm not kidding. Check it out here.

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