Sunday, March 10, 2013

K Club, The Gas Man and Schadenfreude

I'm no fan of schadenfreude, because wishing ill luck on others usually comes back to bite you in the ass. Then again, sometimes there has to be an exception!

On the front page of the Sunday Times today, there's an article about a - God forbid - tradesman living in the lofty Ladycastle enclave of the K Club, in Straffan, Co. Kildare. Have you ever heard of such a thing! And, being a tradesman, he just happens to have insignia on the side of his van... which he parks outside the apartment he rents. Disgraceful behaviour, utterly disgraceful.

The Ladycastle estate alongside the 18th hole on the K Club's Smurfit course.
According to the property company that manages the estate for the K Club, this simply will not do. It's in the contract, you see. No riff raff allowed. Actually, it says that no commercial vehicles are allowed, or satellite dishes for that matter... and yet there are both on the estate. It's just Leigh Grendon's vehicle that has the property agent all worked up.

According to the Times, an email was sent from the agent to Grendon's landlord, stating:
"Your tenant continues to breach the code of conduct and we are all sick of seeing his gas van in the car park."

Do you remember the John Grisham thriller with Danny DeVito and Matt Damon, where the baddies (aka the insurance company) write to the claimant and tell her that her claim is not valid and that she must be 'Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.'?

Yea, well, this is one of those moments. Never mind the rule being stupid and elitist, writing to someone to say 'we are all sick of seeing his gas van' is petty, childish and VERY stupid. It makes the agent look like a complete tosser.

The K Club has a history of shooting itself in the foot. Let's just hope the gas was turned off by a professional before they opened fire on this occasion.

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