Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Golf Grip Raincoat

When it comes to winter, there are two things I hate more than anything: cold hands and wet grips.

My hands freeze and turn white, but there are plenty of hand-warming products out there so it's not usually a problem. Wet grips, on the other hand, are harder to manage. Wet gloves work well, but as a non-glove-wearing golfer I find they take a bit of getting used to, by which stage my score has gone south.

But now there's something else to keep your grips dry: the Golf Grip Raincoat. It's small, flexible and light You slip it over the grip of any club (except the putter) when you remove it from your bag. Now you can take a few practice swings, no matter how heavy the rain, before slipping off the Raincoat when you're ready to strike your shot. Hey presto, your grip is dry.

I admire anyone who can invent something - it takes an inspiration and dedication that most of us lack - so I was intrigued when I found Adam Barnett on Twitter.

Photo of Golf Grip Raincoat taken from website

Know this: the Golf Grip Raincoat may look a bit odd and may become known as the golf grip condom, but it won the best new product at the PGA Merchandise Show 2011 - one of the largest golf shows in the world - so it has impressed some big people in the golf world. 

Watch the video at and see what you think. I'll be buying one because I want to see how it works, how easy and practical it is to use during a round - re. putting it on and taking it off in rainy conditions, and how much grief I get from my playing partners... golf is such a 'traditional' game after all. Change is always viewed with such suspicion. 

The Golf Grip Raincoat is a one-size-fits-all approach and I wish Adam the best of luck with it.

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