Monday, December 17, 2012

Irish Stereotypes and Indoor Golf

You gotta love the Irish male stereotype - a beer-swilling machine renowned/ loved/ criticised (delete as appropriate) the world over.

Then again, we don't exactly help ourselves, do we! Certainly not when one of the 'Deal' sites comes out with an offer that invites golfers to play a golf simulator with the beers thrown in

Get together with three mates, play one of the top 52 courses in the world, with two practice sessions, and there's a beer in it for you too. All for €29 (valued at €68) each.

The Metro Golf Indoor Golf Lounge & Bar is at the SPORTSCO Leisure Centre on South Lotts Road - next to the Aviva Stadium. I'm not knocking the offer - it sounds like a laugh - but if there's no Guinness, there'll be war.

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