Sunday, August 5, 2012

Golf: The Shape of Sharks to Come

Our equivalent would be a leprechaun-shaped golf course, or one in the shape of a shamrock (not that implausible actually), but Australians have their Great White Shark to embrace…

… which is exactly what is planned for a golf course at Port Lincoln in South Australia – 400 km west of Adelaide – where shark cage diving is already a big tourist attraction.

The course would be part of a former BHP site, which is due to be redeveloped. It would include tourist accommodation, a wharf and shopping facilities.

"When you fly into Port Lincoln you can see a great white shark and you know what you're looking at," said Dean Lukin junior, the man behind the vision.

There are considerable hurdles to overcome, notably the volumes of water that would be required to maintain the course in a town that is already strapped for water, but it would be one of the more interesting golf course developments. I imagine that bunkers will resemble the great white’s mouth – impossible to escape from. More worryingly might be what they have planned for the water hazards…

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