Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An 80 year wait for a hole-in-one

Here’s an inspiring old tale about my wife’s Godmother’s mother, Lil, that has come out of some historical digging around. On Lil’s 80th birthday, she was sitting with her cronies, playing Bridge, when she jumped up and declared that it was far too nice a day to be sitting inside and who fancied a quick 9 holes at the golf club.

The quick 9 holes was at the mighty Sunningdale, no less, and they had their own 9-hole routing that started at the Old Course’s 4th hole (near her house) and finished at the 12th.

So, Lil stepped up to play their ‘1st’ hole, measuring 150 yards from the ladies’ tee, and proceeded to score her first hole-in-one.

The moral of the story? Never give up hope, keep swinging and always play golf on beautiful days… which, I appreciate, aren’t very plentiful at the moment.

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