Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Golf deals - using the new 'bargain' sites

[Photo: the par three 15th at Dunmurry Springs, with views for miles]

Golf is getting it in the neck at the moment. People simply aren't prepare to fork out green fees, especially when they're paying an annual sub at their home club/s. But there are ways to get good deals that don't involve phoning the club and haggling... sign up to the 'deal' websites. These offer special discounts, often on a daily basis, and if you're fast enough you can grab one and feel rather smug.

[Photo: Par three 4th hole at Hollywood Lakes]

The websites that I've come across recently include:

Recent deals offered on golf included:
Dunmurry Springs
Mount Wolseley
Hollywood Lakes

The deals varied from straight green fees, to green fees with lunch, to green fees and bed & breakfast... but the discounts ranged from 50% - 70%. I booked the Tulfarris deal which was one night's B&B at the hotel, for two people, with free golf. How much? €79 TOTAL, to be taken between May and August. Even if the other person (i.e. my wife) doesn't play golf, it's a bargain... even if it goes against the grain as it's a 'zombie' hotel/course.

[Photo: 18th hole at Nuremore]

And the offers aren't exclusively golf... they cover everything from restaurants to beauty treatments to flying lessons. You never know what might tweak your interest.

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