Friday, June 4, 2010

The Half Set

I remember my granddad going out to play with half a set of clubs: one week he’d take the evens, the next he’d take the odds. Two rounds a week gave him ample practice to hit the ball longer or, more typically, shorter. Then again, in his heyday, he played off a 1 handicap, so he had that ability.

This week, I tried to carry my clubs and do the same. I played three lots of 9 holes: two rounds at Greystones and one at Carrickmines. I took the even numbered clubs (4, 6, 8), a PW, Driver and putter. The first two rounds I was just messing about with friends and I found it easy gripping down the shaft and hitting it with a punch for distance control. The third round was at Greystones in a 9 hole scramble competition, and that’s when it all went wrong. On the first hole I needed a seven iron. I used a six instead and flew through the green (lost ball). The same happened on the next. I needed a five later on, but put a four iron over the back. I forced an eight iron and found the bunker. So, nine holes and four disasters because I decided I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, carry a full set of clubs.

It’s a smart idea for casual golf when you’ve got time to experiment and practise. In fact it’s good for you and your game as it adds a new variety of shots to your arsenal, but it’s not worth doing in a competitive environment – at least not until you’ve being doing it for a while. And I’ve as much chance of getting to a 1 handicap as I have of being the Queen of England.

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  1. Kevin, I only take 7 or 8 clubs everytime I come to GB&I to play. I learned early on that a trolley at places like the European Club can be brutal. On the other hand, half a bag with a 1.5 pound carry bag is a breeze.

    It is also more fun because I am generally between clubs and have to PLAY golf rather than the usual golfing. Plus the fast and firm conditions lend themselves to more fun with half a bag then the overwatered US courses.

    Cheers, Lefty from NJ