Monday, June 21, 2010

Congratulations G-Mac

There’s no doubt Graeme has been threatening this for a while, not to mention his current run of form. He’s led before (2006) and wasn't able to finish, but this time he showed his ‘mental toughness’ (as the psychologist boys love to call it), and won the big one. The US Open is widely regarded as the toughest of the four majors (Winged Foot in 1974 anyone?) and now we have another Irishman winning one – and a different one at that. Only Augusta left – step up, Rory.
Let’s hope Graeme can continue this run of form into the British Open. How about Padraig and Graeme making up the final pairing on Sunday!

I read a couple of things a week ago that interested me particularly after this victory: the first was the veteran commentator Johnny Miller’s prediction that a score of around +4 would win: Graeme’s Level par total was not far off the money on a notoriously difficult track (despite what Tiget did to it in 2000). The second thing was a prediction that Dustin Johnson was one to watch, but that he might struggle with the pressure on Sunday… seems about right. I imagine that after his triple/double/single bogey run (holes 2 to 4), he was barely shown on the TV coverage again. After all, Tiger Woods’ navel gazing is far more interesting to the TV networks. I hope DJ bounces back.

Incidentally – the members of Winged Foot Golf Club in New York, turned down the opportunity to host the US Open in 2015 – apparently they decided that hosting the 2006 Open (won by Geoff Ogilvie) caused too much inconvenience. Oh how precious that Saturday morning tee slot!

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