Thursday, November 12, 2009

Luttrellstown, Luttrellstown, wherefore art thou Luttrellstown

So, it looks as if Luttrellstown is really going to go. One of Dublin's best parklands (many argue that it IS the best - especially members of the golf forum on will close its doors on December 31st. It will be missed by many, and the few remaining members will have to find a new home. They will probably follow their member friends to Killeen Castle.

A brief conversation with the club's CEO this afternoon confirmed that they are 'getting out of the golf business'. Whether that means it will be sold as a going concern is therefore open to interpretation, but the club is trying to sell off the family jewels - namely the greens. That would imply, would it not, that Luttrellstown will soon cease to exist.

There is little point going back over history and the amount of money that was spent on a new clubhouse, when the existing one was spectacular. What is worth pointing out is that for the next eight weeks you can play a big, expansive and glamourous parkland for about €30. It is still in excellent condition, according to members, so give it a spin while you still can.

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