Sunday, October 4, 2009

Druid's Heath

[Photo: from the 18th green back to the tee, behind the trees]

Like Druid's Glen, I never got to photograph the Heath course, so, after a few phone calls and false starts I finally got to the club/hotel on a perfect sunny evening. During previous conversations with people at the club there had been no issue with my going onto the course to take photographs. Unfortunately I met a young man who refused my request for 'insurance purposes'. That's fair enough - he's protecting himself, the club and the hotel. But he followed it up with 'the course is very busy'.

He let me go up to the 1st tee, which meant walking behind the 18th and 9th greens. From the 9th green you can see across to the 17th. I then walked back towards the car park and across onto 10, 11 and 12. How many golfers did I see (or hear)? None.

[Photo: the par four 10th, moon and all]


  1. And I thought an uncooperative attitude only happened on US courses.

    Lefty Golfer

  2. Nope, happens everywhere, but I appreciate he was covering himself and the club/hotel.

    It's when a club treats you as if they're doing YOU a favour, taking YOUR money to play their course that really bugs me. This recession has knocked that attitude off its pedestal