Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bitterly Disappointed at Open

You have to wonder if Tom Watson will spend the next few years pondering at the British Open that got away. The 59 year old made everyone else look pedestrian. Everyone was enthralled by his heroics and brilliant play, and we were willing him on to win with every stride he took. In his final round the putts started to come up short and he will relive his weak par putt on 18, time and again. True, he was unlucky with his approach that ended off the back but even so we hoped for a blazing finish. (I imagine Westwood will give himself a good talking to, too)

I was interested by the coverage of Stewart Cink. The BBC seemed to ignore him for long stretches, but once he was playing his way into contention on the third day, and with that putting stroke, he was always going to be a threat. He should have been given the coverage he deserved. Rarely can a man have gone into a play-off with 90% of the audience wanting the other golfer to win - but that's how it was today. No one wanted Tom to lose, and as his poor performance sank lower and lower, the crowd's enthusiasm sank with it. Cink is a deserved winner, but one feels that Turnberry will be remembered for Tom Watson, in the same way that Carnoustie in 1999 will be remembered for Jean van der Velde. It's not about who won it, but how the runner-up lost it.

And as a final note on four fantastic viewing days at the Open, could someone please give Gary Lineker the damn good thrashing he deserves. And if that female commentator, Maureen, happens to get in the way, please pay her the same compliment. They irritated the hell out of me, to the point that I muted them at every turn.

A brilliant Open, but a damp finish.

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