Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Allen Park Municipal

“Are you going to give us a good write up?”
The lady behind the reception desk was asking a question I couldn’t answer. I hadn’t even seen the course yet.

[Photo: Interesting signs on the par five 13th]

I have no doubt that some of the clubs I‘ve been to automatically assume I’m going to give them a positive write-up. But that’s not the objective of my book. I simply want to inform visitors what they can expect when they play a course. Are they being ripped off? Is it a pile of muck? Are they going to be blown away? This book is not for the golf clubs – it is for the golfer.

Allen Park will be fine though. As a municipal course it ticks every box very comfortably indeed. You might even have to delay your round on the Index 1 6th as swans waddle from their pond, across the fairway, for an afternoon snooze between 5 and 6.

[Photo: Par 4 18th, clubhouse behind, emphasises the opne nature of the course]

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