Monday, May 26, 2008

Killarney Lackabane

Killarney’s third course is quite separate, and as you walk up to the clubhouse there’s an old pine on your left. It is very askew. It seems rather fitting as it matches the thinking of whoever decided a third course was needed at Killarney. One member – anonymous of course – said it was a millstone around their necks. A bit harsh perhaps but shaping a course around a huge factory without any views of the lake seems an odd decision. There’s a separate clubhouse too so it is all rather removed from the two main courses – Killeen and Mahony’s Point – which I play tomorrow.

It is tough golf, and having played the main courses some years ago, it is a much sterner test that calls for accuracy off the tee and an appreciation of what lies hidden behind the rolls of the fairway. I suspect it will always be the poor relation, but don’t let that put you off playing it.

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