Friday, April 7, 2017

Inaugural Irish Golf Noticeboard Intercounties Championship

It is great to see more competitions coming on line for Ireland’s best amateur golfers. I will never threaten a handicap of 3 or better – only a tiny percentage of us will – but when you get to that level you want to be competing against similarly skilled golfers. The heat of battle can be intense and it tests your mettle. It is often the best way to improve, too.

On Facebook, there is a strong Irish golf forum/group called Irish Golf Noticeboard. It is run by Joe Lyons, who knows a thing or two about being a 3 handicap… or (far) better! Such is the activity on Facebook that it led Joe to establish a website of the same name
He knew there was an appetite among Ireland’s lower handicap golfers for competitive tournaments so he decided to establish an intercounties championship. Irish Golf Noticeboard has stepped into the breach and will run a strokeplay championship in Mount Juliet on October 28, 2017. A lot of consideration has gone into establishing the event and, ultimately, the goal is to create a representative championship where a Team Captain will be identified in each county in future years. In year one, however, in an effort to get the event off the ground, the organisers will accept the first 32 teams entered.
The tournament conditions are as follows:
1.The event shall be called The Irish Golf Noticeboard Intercounties Championship. Teams will comprise three players.
2. The 2017 Championship will take place at Mount Juliet Golf Club on October 28, over 18 holes gross strokeplay. The Lowest two gross scores of three will count. If there is a tie, it will be decided on the third card. If there is still a tie, it will be decided on the last 9, 6, 3, 2 of the third card.
3. Handicap Limit 3
4. The Championship will consist of the first 32 teams entered. While we would love one team from each county, in year one we will accept multiple teams from one County eg Dublin A, Dublin B, Dublin C. This gives players an opportunity to put their own team together. The first 32 teams with applications including paid entrance fees will be accepted into the championship. Subsequent entries will be placed on a waiting list.
5. The Championship will be open to Amateur Golfers only
6. Players may represent a County they are affiliated to under any of the following circumstances:
·       A member of a club within the represented county
·       Place of Birth
·       Place of Work
·       Home Address

7. Entrance fee is €225 per team
8. Practice on Friday available at €60 per person
9. Accommodation packages also available for teams traveling. Contact for more information.
10. Prizes:
·       First (Intercounty champions)
·       Second
·       Third
·       First Individual
·       Second Individual
·       Best Nett
·       Best Dressed Team

11. A meeting will take place at 8.00pm on October 27 in Mount Juliet to decide on the 2018 format. All parties interested in developing the event in subsequent years are strongly encouraged to attend.
12. A sponsor would be more than welcome!
To enter email and I will advise on how to process payment.
More Information to follow.


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  2. Ok Karl, this is an Alternative Ten Tough Nuts............all from recent, rueful experience

    1. Portstewart - get ready for fun in the summer if the wind blows or it tips down or, as is usual, BOTH; locals say this muddah is 1.5 shots harder than its illustrious neighbour the Royaller, and they are not wrong.
    2.Clandeboye - Dufferin of course, played it last summer after lots of rain and it was like trying to smack golf balls onto the moon (yes, the proverbial phrase for impossible tasks is a little more earthy in its wording.....) several par 4s to leave you breathless
    3. Portumna - another long brute, but one classy track. You'll be banging away with the fairway woods or drivers off the deck all day, to super putting surfaces.
    4. Corballis - short but by no means sweet, try it on a windy day with firm greens and it's like trying to find, and stay on, somebody's front doorstep. Blissful agony.
    5. Macreddin - again, in a draft and a bit breezy, with the whin bushes in full bloom and the trees in leaf, far from a drive and a flick, ANYWHERE
    6. Tullamore - in the summer, with the greens firm and fast and the foliage leaning in to crowd your sightlines, this is a peach and a monster at the same time. Try the green at the 12th and the drive down 13 - penal.
    7. the Island - I've always found this tougher than the European, where I can usually score in a most manageable fashion, because it (the European) is quite wide in a lot of places. The Island is tight and, when firm and fast running with the wind up, there are places off the fairway where you'd do well to find your motoring car, let alone a golf ball.
    8.Moyvalley - go off the back pegs with the wispy rough up and you'll do well to see surrounding buildings, let alone the fairway. Clarkey must have been in a mood for punishment when he drew up this blueprint.
    9. Concra - try it off the blacks, as we once insanely did. If we hadn't picked up on some of the holes, we'd still be out there, slogging away goodo like a bunch of demented half-wits. Then there's the drive home. But fair's fair, a great course and we love it (off the forward pots).
    10. Lucan - what, I hear you wonder ? Oh yes people, Lucan's greens (along with perhaps Kilkenny) are the most knee-knockingly rapid surfaces in this country. Throw in some swinging slopings and you have maybe the toughest decks on our fair planet. Heard recently after an inter-club practice
    Visitor; "those greens must get close to Augusta in the summer!!"
    Lucan Member (deadpan) "oh we never have them THAT slow"

    Go enjoy all these momentous challenges Kev - THEY. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. But absolute ball breakers.