Sunday, January 17, 2016

The One Best Golf Tip I Ever Had... Today's Golfer

The best golf tip I ever received was from my grandfather... "you don't hit anything with your backswing, so why rush it."

In this month's Today's Golfer, 46 Pros and coaches provide the best tips they've ever received. Rory, Tiger, Phil... they're all in here. But my personal favourite comes from Vijay Singh, because it takes my grandfather's advice one step further:

"... start your downswing at the same speed you started your backswing."

Think about it and it makes perfect sense. You're establishing a tempo, a rhythm that allows all the moving parts to work together fluidly.

There are plenty of others that make a lot of sense, too, but my other personal favourites come from Padraig Harrington (and no, it's not technical, as you might expect), Sam Snead and Greg Norman.

And speaking of Norman, there's a long and very frank interview with the Great White Shark. The man always has something interesting to say.

Pick up your copy of Today's Golfer - and if you have any tips you want to add, leave a Comment below!

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