Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How wet is your golf course?

I can only begin to imagine how sodden golf courses are across the west and north of Ireland. The rain has been relentless, and Facebook and Twitter are awash with images of courses under water and flags seemingly stuck in the middle of lakes. 'Course Closed' notices abound. It's depressing stuff.
The 5th green at Greystones.
The east coast hasn't escaped completely, either, and today I received an email from my home club informing me of a local rule which is about to be introduced. I have played at Greystones Golf Club for 40 years and this is the first time I have ever heard of such a rule... but you do what you have to in order to protect the course for what will, hopefully, be a long, warm and sunny summer.*

Here's that rule:

Dear Member,

In order to avoid further damage to our golf course and due to the excess amount of rain, we are introducing a local rule from Saturday 23rd of January until further notice on the 3rd, 4th and 13th holes.  Please see below,

Local Rule (3rd, 4th and 13th fairways)

Temporary mats are provided and mandated to be used when your ball is on or between the blue lines marked on each of the following holes (3rd, 4th and 13th).  Players must lift their ball from on or between the blue lines and place the ball on the mat provided.  Failure to use a mat within the designated areas and comply with this local rule will result in a two shot penalty.

And then there's the other extreme... the cold.

Wherever you are, wherever you play, I hope your course is surviving everything the weather throws at it.

* This is Ireland... what are the chances!

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