Saturday, November 22, 2014

Is a Hole in One Worth It?

The simple answer from the glory point of view is a definite 'yes'... but from a financial perspective it's less clear cut. Here's why:

A friend of mine got a hole in one (his first) a few weeks ago... he got a pat on the back and twice what he would have received if he'd scored a two. That's the way it works in our club. The trouble is, the twos pot rarely delivers more than €10 per two and, on this occasion, my friend earned himself €18, i.e. two X €9... for a hole in one!

Yesterday, that same friend got a two... for which he received €23.

A hole in one deserves something extra... say half the twos pot... or a special presentation... just something to reward a singularly brilliant shot*.

And let's not forget all the drinks you have to buy with that hole in one... even if you have the insurance.

* Assuming it's a brilliant shot and not some brute of a thing.   

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