Thursday, February 6, 2014

Green Fee Winner For Ireland's 2nd Ranked Hidden Parkland - Scrabo

Adrian Hanna has got himself a fourball for Scrabo Golf Club. This course, like many links, needs to be played a second time to appreciate what lies ahead. There are some blind shots (5, 16 and 18 in particular) but the terrain is so unpredictable that simply walking over it will help you the second time around.

And if you're making the journey up - and depending on where you're coming from - the courses to consider en route are Seapoint, Concra Wood and Spa (from the south), and Lisburn, Belvoir Park and Malone (from the west). Once in the area, I recommend Clandeboye (both courses) and Blackwood (where John Richardson played all his golf for his 'Dream On' book). And then there's Ardglass and Royal County Down.

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  1. This is definitely on my "TO PLAY" list. Don't know when but I'll get there!! Well done Adrian, enjoy it!! :)