Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lahinch and €83 Accommodation (for two)

[Photo: the famous 'Klondike' 4th hole]

There aren't many conversations regarding Ireland's best courses, where Lahinch doesn't crop up.

Between its heritage (Old Tom Morris most famously, with a healthy dose of Mackenzie tossed in) and its weather-predicting goats and its views, there is more than enough to keep everybody happy.

And Lahinch must be fairly happy at the moment - a recent Irish Times article reported that the club had 'turned the corner and is back in profit'. There's a long way to go to reach the giddy heights of 2007, but little steps, people, little steps.

And now there's an accommodation deal which should help to lure even more golfers (and surfers) to this seaside village which has - in my humble opinion - some of the best drinking spots in the country. Have a drink, step onto the beach, go for a swim... my kind of place.

The Lahinch Golf & Leisure Hotel is doing one of those great discount deals... but I have to point out straight away, that this offer does not apply to June, July, August or September... and it expires in late December 2012. Hmm, a bit dodgy if you ask me, but Irish weather can deliver glorious Mays and Octobers, not to mention better value green fees as it won't be peak season.

The offer is this:
Overnight (€83) or Two-Night (€122) Break for Two in Deluxe Double Room, and Main Course and Glass of Wine Each. There are other details, and you'll find them all on here, at Living Social.

The offer expires on the 18th or 19th April, so you've got time to sort yourself out - although 39 have already been purchased so who knows how many they're prepared to sell.

And for Lahinch green fees you should get away with €90 - €110

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