Friday, March 25, 2011

Solheim Cup Accommodation

A while back, someone left a comment on my blog, advertising their place for rent during the Solheim Cup at Killeen Castle. It was blatant advertising on their part and while I felt slightly unclean, I published the comment.

If anyone's interested in accommodation, here's the link: the ad states that 11 people can be accommodated, at a price of €155 per person, per night, based on 9 nights. Which works out at €15,345 for all 11. Not exactly cheap, is it!

[Photo: approach to the par five 12th green]

In The Independent today there's an article about the level of 'rent' being charged for accommodation for the Solheim Cup, and how the Revenue will be following the people renting out properties very carefully. Huge amounts of money were made during the Ryder Cup in 2006 (€19,000 for one week for example), and the same will be true this time around. And tax is due on such earnings.

When it comes to offering this 'service', as these people will undoubtedly claim that they're doing, there's a part of me that says:
"Good for you. Take what you can get."

But the other part says: "You thieving bas****s. No wonder people still call us rip-off Ireland."

I studied Economics, so I know the whole 'supply vs. demand elasticity' thing, but it's too easy to go too far. And as soon as one person gets carried away, the rest of the lemmings follow. And, sadly, because of the scale of this event, there will be people to pay it. I'm just sorry that my 10-bed mansion isn't in Co. Meath. I'd make a fortune.

[Photo: view of Killeen Castle from behind the 1st green]

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  1. I say "good for them". Finally our money pits called houses are paying for themselves. I read the article in the independent and while reading it felt that the Revenue were being rediculous, persuing homeowners on additional income tax - what? Are they calling them all tax evaders? Will the Revenue be hounding B&B's also? And hotels when they raise their price rates, will they be persued? And restaurants,,,,, where does it end?
    Why do you use the phrase "Rip of Ireland"? These homeowners offered their homes, they didn't place a gun to the head of the tenant.
    i have to say that after viewing some houses on I wish I had a house in Meath too!