Monday, April 27, 2009

Killing Time at Killeen Castle

Three times in 2008 I asked Killeen Castle if I could play and review the course; three times they refused. They didn’t want to be reviewed until April 2009, was the response I received. I explained the book wouldn’t be out until April, but it got me nowhere. So, in 2009 I asked again if I could review the course and put it on my blog, so that it would be the first page when people visited after my book hit the shops. They wished me luck with the book but the email I received had this little gem in it: “They have declined your request with regards to reviewing the course for your blog at this time.”

Well, if they didn’t want to be on the blog – too bad because they’re on it! It makes them one of only four courses I didn’t review:
• Mount Ober: refused to be reviewed unless they could see and edit what I wrote. No thanks.
• Bunclody: was still too young (i.e. mud and sand) when I visited, but it is beautiful by all accounts.
• Harbour Point: closing very shortly.
• Killeen Castle: unaware that there’s a recession on and that positive publicity for the club would be a good thing. Shame, as I hear it’s impressive.

I suspect that I may never get an invitation now, but I was fairly hacked off by the attitude.

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