Monday, April 27, 2009

In all good book shops

After three years, I can finally say that the book is in the shops. Not only that – it is for sale in all ‘good’ bookshops. I have not yet been told when it will appear in ‘bad’ bookshops, or, indeed, what makes a bookshop bad. So if you go to your local bookshop and there’s no copy of Hooked available, you’ll know you’re in a bad place. Please try to enlighten them as to how they can be upgraded to the ‘good’ category.

Of course you can also buy it online. The first day it appeared on, my wife pointed out that you can see where your book is ranked in order of sales. I was ranked at 790,000. I started watching daily and it became addictive. My brother-in-law bought a book (he doesn’t even like golf!) and so did a couple of friends – the book rocketed up the charts to 200,000. I was heading into Harry Potter territory, racing for the top spot. The next time I looked it had dropped to 322,000. Then it was up, then down, then up… then I had to stop. This sort of thing can wreck your head.

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  1. In my italian blog, I have written a little post about your book. Good idea !