Sunday, December 25, 2022

Top Ten Irish Golf Photos of 2022

A good year for photographs but then it always is in the beautiful country of Ireland.    

Here are my top 10 photographs from this year.


Carne Golf Links 14th hole (Wild Atlantic Dunes) 

A par-3 that is undoubtedly one of the most special short holes in the country, crushed between two angry dunes with natural waste areas of bright white sand. I wondered what it would look like in black and white… and it is strikingly more dramatic than the colour version. Do you agree?



Greencastle Golf Club s famous 12th 

It was a long drive to the Inishowen Peninsula – some 5 hours there and 5 hours back – to capture one very, very particular shot – the club’s signature 12th hole that sneaks around a beach, over a ledge and out to the lighthouse.


Occasionally (if very rarely) things work out even better than you imagine. The first morning proved disastrous but the second visit had all the potential I could ask for.


Carne Golf Links – the 1st and 13th greens 

I love the almost identical cocooning of these greens: one is Hackett’s original 10th hole (now the 1st on Wild Atlantic Dunes) and one is the 1st hole on the new Kilmore nine (now the 13th Wild Atlantic Dunes). Both show off the vastness and wildness of this amazing place. 


Druids Heath 1st green

The palette of early sunrise colours made this one stand out for me. Plus, I love that front pin position! If you haven't played the reinvented Druids Heath, which opened in 2021, get back there and check it out.

6th green Arklow Golf Links

Shot in freezing temperatures in March, the colours created by the rising sun explain why the earliest light so beloved by photographers is called the Golden Hour. I set up the camera to shoot at regular intervals and took a shot of myself on the green.


Dingle Golf Links 15th green

High Flying Bird caught in the sun rays above the mountains. 

I almost missed the shot as I was waiting for light to hit the 17th green... facing in the other direction. So remember, no matter how good the view is in front of you, always look behind.


The K Club North 18th green and clubhouse

More golden hour colours and reflections. It relays a moodiness that only such peaceful early morning light can bring.


Ballyliffin Glashedy 7th green

You don’t often see Glashedy’s 7th from here. After all, the view from the tee is more captivating and is the one you always see. But this angle shows off the shapes on and around the green, as well as the surroundings.


Hermitage 17th green

This was a shoot I really enjoyed. Hermitage is beautifully presented – it always is – and  while golfers will typically rave about holes 10 and 11 all the holes have a calm elegance to them. I took some lovely shots of 10 and 11 but this one of the 17th flag shows off the course shapes, lush greens and immaculate conditioning.


Dingle Golf Links 17th green

Famous for many things – such as the Three Sisters in the background – the shapes around 

Dingle’s greens are not mentioned nearly enough. The purpose of this shot was to show off the natural and often strong shapes of the land. 

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