Sunday, April 4, 2021

A Seed of an Idea for Golf Investment

Here’s an idea with a difference. An Irish golf company is offering a chance to get in on the ground floor… so to speak. You can now buy a share in the success of Seed Golf. If you haven’t heard of Seed, then, to put it simply, they produce golf balls … and they are very very good. 

Seed has launched a unique crowdfunding campaign as part of its ongoing expansion plans. The campaign offers its key audiences and its customers an opportunity to invest a total of €250,000, which will be matched by Seed’s planned €1 Million seed investor round. This will be managed via crowdfunding platform TheStartUp Crowd, with Seed giving its customers the first chance to register early to secure investment. 

How much can you invest, you ask… you might as well know upfront that the

minimum is €1,000. It’s not small change… but, again, it’s an investment in a young golf brand that is going places. 


You can register your interest via the company’s dedicated site

Pre-registration started on March 25th, and the campaign itself will go live on April 15.


Even if you’re not interested in investing, read on.


We’ve grown so quickly and it’s all been because golfers have really bought into the ideals behind the brand. Without that support, we’d have never come this far, so this is a great way to strengthen that relationship. Beyond public traded golf companies, it’s difficult for golfers to invest directly in a golf brand and it’s more unusual to have a say in how that company is run. We wanted our customers to own Seed from the very beginning and join us for the entire ride.” Founder and CEO Dean Klatt 

Who is Seed Golf?

Founded by ex-Cleveland/Srixon and Ogio staffer Dean Klatt, Seed is a new digital native golf brand promising to make equipment more affordable and more accessible for regular golfers. 

Dean, who helped guide Cleveland’s growth in Australia and OGIO’s digital expansion into Europe, said the company’s first goal was to establish a foothold in the golf ball market, and develop further products that fit the company’s ‘same performance, half the price’ mantra. The company says its mission is ‘to make the game more affordable and more enjoyable for more people.’

The brand currently sells very popular tour performance golf balls direct to golfers via their online D2C (direct to consumer) subscription-based website. The balls offer regular golfers a great performing product at a value for money price. If you want to know just how good the ball is… they were developed in Ireland, in conjunction with Seed, DesignCORE, and the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Institute of Technology Carlow. Seed balls are regulated and approved by golf’s governing bodies, the RandA and USGA. They’ve been designed to maximise performance right on the USGA/RandA limits. In short, they perform just about as well as anything else out there. The company boasts customers in 36 countries and has been named the Official Ball of the PGA EuroPro Tour.

Seed has been fairly secretive about what it plans to do in the future, but so far its plans are working. The company has grown steadily, mainly off the back of word-of-mouth referrals and positive performance reviews. Here’s one from Peter Finch, three years ago. 


The Investment 


Investors will have access to Seed’s private community which entitles them to exclusive benefits and insights into the company and its plans.


“ We want our community to be part of our journey and play an active role in it. We want to know what our customers think and what they’d like to see from Seed. This is a great way of giving everyone a chance to have that input,” said Klatt. 


Seed’s mission is to change the way golfers think about their equipment, how they buy it and how they play. It is certainly doing that and there is more to follow.


You’ll find more information at (It's an eligible EIS investment, for one.)

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