Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Brendan Lawlor Walks the Walk - raising funds for Crumlin Hospital

 I looked back at this blog a few weeks ago and realised there weren’t enough good news stories. At a time when good news is important during lockdowns and restrictions it was reassuring to come across so many – both on golf courses (club investments) and in the game itself. The ‘human’ stories are so important as we can relate to them and feel a part of them. Over the past year one human story has been front and centre: Brendan Lawlor. If you haven’t heard of him then you are missing out on a part of the sport which embraces and supports all golfers. Brendan, from Dundalk, is one of the world’s top disability golfers and he's embarking on a challenge... starting today.

Ireland’s Brendan Lawlor will walk 10k a day for 10 days March
3rd to 13th
 to raise funds for Children's Health Ireland
at Crumlin Hospital from 
(Photo: Modest! Golf)

Brendan invites you to join him virtually in walking 10 kilometres a day for 10 days to raise funds for Children's Health Ireland at Crumlin Hospital.


The Modest! Golf professional, who was born with Ellis-van Creveld syndrome, a bone growth disorder that leads to shorter limbs, spent much of his early years on the wards at Crumlin Hospital and now wants to give back to those who gave him his chance at a life in golf.


“I want to celebrate my 24th birthday on the 13th of March by giving something back,” says Lawlor, who is the fourth ranked disability golfer in the world.


“I’ve had an incredible journey over the last year few years in golf but if it wasn’t for the amazing staff at Crumlin Hospital, I wouldn’t be here at all. It’s obviously a charity particularly close to my heart and all my family are going to get involved but hopefully it will give other people something to aim at during lockdown, too.


“I’m aware that it’s a tough time financially for a lot of people and although we’re trying to raise funds, even if people just take part in it, that’s all I really want. People are at home, many are struggling mentally, a lot of young people don’t have much to do. I just want to give people a reason to get out and get active and if it can help a charity like Crumlin along the way, then all the better.”


Brendan has set a target of raising €5,000 through the challenge. His 10k a day for 10 days will be supported by Modest! Golf, adidas, TaylorMade, ISPS HANDA and American Golf.


To get involved in Brendan’s 10k a day for 10 days challenge, visit his JustGiving page HERE


You can follow his progress on social media, on Twitter @BrendanLawlor97  and on Instagram @brendan_lawlor1997



About Children's Health Ireland at Crumlin

Children's Health Ireland at Crumlin is an acute paediatric teaching hospital employing approximately 1900 staff. It is Ireland's largest paediatric hospital.  Research is a fundamental component of all paediatric disciplines and the provision of a specialised research facility is recognised as an integral part of a modern comprehensive children's hospital. The National Children's Research Centre at this hospital provides well equipped laboratory facilities for the investigation of the biological basis of childhood disease and has made significant progress in the development of a Clinical Research Programme.



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