Monday, December 11, 2017

Golf Gifts for Christmas 2018

Christmas... I only ever address Christmas once December arrives. The stores that have 'Christmas sections' in August or - worse - play Christmas Music in October, should be pilloried and black-balled for all eternity.

Buying golfers gifts for Christmas can be fraught with difficulty, especially if you're not a golfer. And for those non-golfers tempted to purchase some golfing novelty item, a word to the wise... DON'T. There's plenty of rubbish out there but you'll never go wrong
with a voucher to the club Pro Shop but a little bit of focus and effort will reap richer rewards. Here's a link to a recent Irish Examiner article on some 20 different golf gift ideas.
Approach to Carne's fabulous 17th.
The article covers books, clothing, food, new technology, magazine subscriptions, golf balls, gift boxes, calendars... You should find something in there and, if not, it will probably lead you in the right direction.

I will give my golf photography website a shameless plug. You can buy prints of over 50 courses and in a variety of sizes at and if there are any other courses you want to see, just let me know (leave a Comment below).
Bray's 11th hole - one of the images sold recently on my website.
And there's the Carne Golf Links €100 as-much-golf-as-you-fancy offer, which runs from now until the end of March. Click here for more details.

Whatever you choose, have a good one and enjoy that post-Christmas, pre-New Year game of golf. Maybe you'll have something new to try out.

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