Friday, July 21, 2017

Play Wicklow GC for Mellon Educate Charity

Derek tees off on the 6th
Last year, I was invited to play in a charity golf event by a friend of mine. Darren Murray has become very committed to Mellon Educate – a charity that builds schools in Africa and improves education for African children. He headed out there and was deeply involved in the charity’s work. He still is, which is why he’s hosting another charity golf day on Saturday August 26th, 2017.

The event took place at Wicklow Golf Club, and it was a four-person scramble – a format I think offers a tremendous
amount of fun… partly because you have no idea what score is going to win it and you have much more of a laugh as you spend time discussing what to do for the next shot, rather than wandering off in four different directions. Our team came seventh and we still won a prize. As with most charity events there are a whole heap of prizes so while we weren’t last by a long way, we certainly didn’t crown ourselves in glory… and we were surprised to win anything. I did far better in the raffle.
The 1st hole at Wicklow Golf Club. A rather spectacular tee shot.
Wicklow is a fine seaside course. If I’m honest, based on feedback I’ve received from other golfers, it is a ‘Marmite’ course. I happen to love Marmite so I have no issue playing a course that hugs the coastline and offers fabulous views and fabulous shots. The greens are exceptionally good, too, but you need to be on your best behaviour if you don't want to three putt... even in a scramble.

The event is at the same venue this year and it is open to all. A team of four will set you back just €140, including a meal. Or €110 with no meal. That’s great value for a Saturday tee time that also happens to be helping a charity.
Wicklow Golf Club's 8th hole - one of the best approach shots of the day.
Tee times are available from 11am – 3.30pm. To book, contact Darren on 086 387 4865 or email

See you there.

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  1. Thanks Kevin, just to let you know there are only 7 teetimes left. Cheers!