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Simply Golf... Simply. Golf.

Shane Lowry takes on the Pebble Beach 17th challenge.
Simply Golf… does exactly what it says on the tin. This is, simply, golf. And it’s targeted at all those thousands of golfers and would-be-golfers who want to take lessons to improve their game.

So what’s new? you ask.

Simple. This is a free app you download to your smartphone that enables you to book and pay for a lesson with a Pro of your choice.

You can choose by
location across Ireland (the nearest one to where you live, or somewhere you might be going on holiday). There may be, say, three within a 20 mile radius (identified by the App’s geo-locational technology – see photo below);

Geo-Location easily allows you to find Pros
local to you
  • You can choose by rating (every Pro is rated out of five stars based on the lessons they’ve given);
  • You can check what days/times the Pro is available on;
  • You can check what the Pro’s teaching/swing philosophy and what equipment they have to help you;
  • You can choose by price charged.

Once you’ve found the right Pro for you, you click through to their available dates/times (see photo below) and book. You will need to enter credit card details as 20% of the lesson fee is taken upfront.

Lessons available on 20th, 22nd and 23rd.
Lessons fall into three categories: 30 minutes, 60 minutes and ‘Play’ (where the Pro plays with you).

A Revolution

Simply Golf aims to revolutionise the way the world learns the game of golf. It’s a big claim and I admit it took me a while to get my head around it. Surely you’d go to your club Pro or to a Pro recommended by a golfer you trust. Then I thought about a lesson I had in Co Wicklow, 12 years ago, which was a complete disaster. The guy had been heavily recommended, but when I got there the Pro couldn’t have been less interested. He sent and received text messages throughout the ‘lesson’ and just waved me on to hit shots so he could see what was ‘wrong’ with my game.

If that happened using the Simply Golf App, I’d leave a brutal rating and some comments that would warn off potential customers. It puts everyone on their best behaviour.

Rating and Bio for Pros tell you all you need
to know. I hasten to add that my disastrous
lesson was not with Jason.
So, perhaps using Simply Golf and their 5-star rating system gives you a broader range of reviews. There’s also the element of fear that some people have of approaching a Pro, whether they’re new to the game and don’t want to be laughed at or whether they’re nervous they’ll lose what ability they have. If that’s the case, then Simply Golf offers an excellent opportunity to find a Pro you like the look of, but have no interaction with until the day you arrive. You don’t even need to have clubs!

Then there’s the statistic that women make up 25% of golfers and they prefer group lessons. It’s all possible through Simply Golf.

It’s good for Pros too, as the App platform provides a business management solution and marketing opportunity for all Pros around the world, reaching a far wider audience and increasing their revenue streams considerably.

The Global Perspective

And it’s important to point out that while this is an Irish company/App, it has a far bigger audience than our small island. America is the big one. In Ireland there are 550 Pros, in Florida there are over 3,000. In all, America has 30,000 Pros, and Simply Golf will be rolled out across 5 US states (Florida, Texas, California, New York and the Carolinas) in the coming year.

At the launch, Colm Daly, CEO of Simply Golf said, “We are very excited to bring this new product to the market in an attempt to break down the traditional barriers to learning the game of golf and make the game more accessible to the masses.  Our mission is simple: to change the way the world learns the game of golf and to make it easier for the average golfer to get better at golf.

Bernard Quigley, Shane Lowry and Colm Daly at the launch of Simply Golf
“We are very proud to kick off the global launch of the Simply Golf product in Ireland before entering the $1 Billion U.S. golf tuition market this summer. We then plan to provide the Simply Golf product to the estimated 54 million golfers worldwide by expanding to other international markets in 2016.” 

Simply Golf also announced that leading Irish PGA Tour Professional – Shane Lowry – has been appointed as a Brand Ambassador for Simply Golf. 

I’m really excited to be involved with an Irish Company who’s sole aim is to grow the game of golf across the world,” Shane said. “Golf is a game that can be difficult for people to get into. The Simply Golf App makes it easier for non-golfers to take up the game of golf, and for golfers to improve their game.

Shane added, “Every amateur golfer that I play with would enjoy their golf an awful lot more if they got some lessons and had a few solid pointers about their golf game.  Simply Golf makes this possible.


Simply Golf is offering 1,000 free golf lessons to the first 1,000 people who download the app and book a lesson.  So download the Simply Golf app and give it a go. It won’t cost you a cent to take that first step. Check out #1000FreeLessons on social media.

The App is currently available for the Apple iPhone through the App Store. The Android version of the product is currently in development and will be available in the coming weeks.

For more information visit: 

After being narrowly beaten by Shane Lowry in the Pebble Beach 17th Closest-To-The-Pin Challenge (supplied at the launch by Golf Sim Hire), I'm heading off for a lesson with Bernard Quigley at Carton House, this Friday. 

When I can beat Shane, I'll report back.

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