Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's in the Grain... the Nutri-Grain Challenge

A heads up for anyone who likes to enter golf competitions of one description or another and, personally, this is the sort of thing I think is brilliant. You're not playing 18 holes - rather you're testing your skills across seven categories around the course:
  1. Driving 
  2. The 135-metre shot
  3. Pitching
  4. Getting up and down
  5. Bunker play 
  6. Difficult lies 
  7. Putting
It introduces a much greater element of fun and you can watch your fellow competitors' successes and disappointments. 

[Photo: the daunting drive on the 18th at Malone, outside Belfast]

The GUI National Golf Academy has announced a new partnership with Kellogg's, and launched this relationship with the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Golf Skills Challenge. This new competition intends on finding Ireland’s most skilled golfers in the above seven skills' categories. 

The challenge is open to golfers over the age of 18 who have an official GUI or ILGU handicap. You enter online at www.learntogolf.ie. It is also worth your while to read up on the Rules as there are a fair few of them - nothing insurmountable mind you.

Understanding the Scoring: 
This 'Score Card' might give you a better idea of what is expected.
Qualifying Events:
Regional qualifying events will be held at: 
Friday 8th June 2012 at Co. Sligo Golf Club. Entry closed 
Friday 15th June 2012 at Charleville Golf Club. Closing date: 18 May
Friday 22nd June 2012 at Donabate Golf ClubClosing date: 25 May
Friday 27th July 2012 at Malone Golf ClubClosing date: 22 June
Friday 10th August 2012 at Hollystown Golf ClubClosing date: 13 July
The final is scheduled for the Golfing Union of Ireland National Academy at Carton House in September.

[Photo: the 2nd hole on Hollystown's 'Blue' 9]

While this may be an 'informative' blog, I should take the opportunity to point out that the quality of the courses varies widely. Co. Sligo is sheer class (note: sadly, entry has closed). Malone is a parkland beauty. Charleville is tight, sweet and tree-lined... Donabate and Hollystown... I can't think of a polite way to describe either! Two very dull courses by comparison and completely at odds with the other three. It makes it a very odd gathering.

Overall Winner:
3 Hour Short Game Clinic for winner and 3 friends at the GUI National Golf Academy with GUI National Coach, Neil Manchip
6 x 30 minute lessons at the Academy with Kenny Fahey.
Yoga for Golf Introductory Session with Anne Marie Kennedy at the GUI National Golf Academy (1 hour, for 4 people)
Crystal trophy
Runner Up: 
Short Game Clinic for winner and 3 friends at the GUI National Golf Academy with Kenny Fahey
Crystal trophy
4 x 30 minute lessons at the Academy with Kenny Fahey
Crystal trophy

1 hour putting lesson with SAM Analysis at GUI National Golf Academy
Crystal trophy

There will be category prizes awarded in addition to the prizes above, based on qualifying scores at qualifying venues. No player may win prizes in excess of the prescribed limits as outlined in the Rules of Amateur Status.

I can't find one... it mentions a 'fee' but it's not listed on the site. If anyone knows, please let me know.

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